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Hearing the words you have breast cancer is devastating to digest for any woman.  In hopes to offer some relief and a way to shake off some of the stress, a dance studio located in Delaware County is sharing the art of dance.

Pamela Baragona is a dance instructor at Fred Astaire dance studio and she is utilizing the power of dancing to heal the soul.

“Dancing is the whole package. It’s your brain meets your body meets your heart. All those three together,” said Baragona. She truly enjoys teaching her students but this month she’s teaching a new special group.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, she is teaching introductory dance classes to breast cancer survivors and their caregivers and family.

She has witnessed first hand the physical and emotional scars breast cancer can take on patients and their families when her cousin lost her battle against the disease. It’s something Baragona said could have been avoided.

“Had she’d got early detection she would have been standing here with us today,” said Baragona.

Through her memory, she is doing two things to ease the pain of those suffering.

Friday there will also be a fundraising dance party at 7 p.m. for Meg’s Misson, a charity that raises awareness for early detection and helps women pay for mammograms.

Meg Smith is now cancer-free after being diagnosed five years ago.

“After the diagnosis, I realized I needed to give back to the community.  It’s very difficult whether you’re going through chemo and radiation surgeries, the reconstruction mastectomies, things like that, are very difficult emotionally, physically, mentally I met many women through my process,” said Smith.

Smith added that she hopes everyone impacted by breast cancer will sign up for the dance classes.

Source: NBC4i