See, I definitely told you all that celebrity boxing matches are absolutely a thing these days! Former NBA Champion, Lamar Odom is set to battle against Aaron Carter for a celebrity boxing match this summer. We all know Lamar has had some very troubled times over the last several years. It seems like after his […]

Nick Cannon is one man that is constantly being tested. Whether it be his career, relationships, or personal health, he seems to always be in battle mode with something. Recently, we reported that Cannon will be making his return to syndicated radio after a hiatus sparked from some not so kosher commentary. Despite all that […]

Looks like Money Mayweather wants all the smoke with long time frienemy 50 Cent! Celebrity boxing matches have officially become a thing and seems like everyone wants a piece of the ring lights. Recently, rapper and entrepreneur, 50 Cent, called out his favorite on again-off again friend, Floyd Mayweather to a match. However, 50 claims […]

Last night on IG Live Super Producers Mannie Fresh and Scott Storch had a beat battle where they drop track after track that they produced over the years and allowed the fans to pick the winner. Many of the people watching gave the nod to Storch who’s worked with so many different people while Mannie’s […]


We all are pretty aware of the madness surrounding our favorite hot girl, Megan the Stallion. However, to sum it all up, the Houston native has been bumping heads with her label heads and had to go as far as getting a temporary restraining order in place in efforts to release her new album as […]


  Hearing the words you have breast cancer is devastating to digest for any woman.  In hopes to offer some relief and a way to shake off some of the stress, a dance studio located in Delaware County is sharing the art of dance. Pamela Baragona is a dance instructor at Fred Astaire dance studio […]

It finally happened, we’ve been waiting for winter to come ever since the 1st episode in the 1st season, we now know why Ned Stark was so worried about winter coming. Because winter came to kill everyone, led by “The Night King” and his army of the dead. This had to be the best battle […]

The 614

Everybody was counting the Bucks out saying that this is the best Xichigan team in years and that their defense was going to shut the Bucks down and the Bucks might score 14 but that’s it!!! And that’s why they play the game…..Not only did the Bucks man handle Xichigan but they made it look […]

I don’t know about you but I love all of these beefs in hip hop as long as they stay on wax and on social media because I believe they all are great for the culture. The latest is going to be one for the books if it actually happens, right now it’s in the […]


Some might call it 8Mile 2 others are calling it genius, one of the biggest things going on the hip hop scene right now is battle rap some battle rappers are out here making 6 figures and a couple even more. This movie will take you in the heart of battle rap showing how serious […]

The VMA’s have taken a page out of Mona Scott’s book, just a couple of days ago Nicki went on a Twitter tirade heated that her album debuted at #2 behind Travis Scott’s album. And even though she moved 185k in the 1st week she’s not happy and she blames everybody, even saying that the […]


To start the week off Shiggy gets a visit from Drake and rumored a $250k  payday for helping his song go number one with the #InMyFeelings Challenge then he gets invited to the ESPY’s get the chance to shade Russell Wilson while taking a pic with Ciara and then this……