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It finally happened, we’ve been waiting for winter to come ever since the 1st episode in the 1st season, we now know why Ned Stark was so worried about winter coming. Because winter came to kill everyone, led by “The Night King” and his army of the dead. This had to be the best battle scene EVER, the first 10 mins of the now classic EP.3 had no one saying a word just getting ready for the battle of their lives, I mean how much would you have to say when there is a 95 % chance that your gonna die. The fight started off when the “Light Queen” Melisandre lit the Dothraki swords on fire and sent them into battle , a quick battle for the Dothraki who rode into the night with their swords a blaze only to be put out by the army of the dead. After that one, of the best battles in TV history happened as thousands of the undead rushed Winterfell and right off the back you knew that the army of the dead would not be easy to defeat….because they’re dead but the living did have black dragon ice which kills “The Night King” as well as his army. But back to the battle……this battle went on for 40 mins and it took you on crazy highs and lows as one by one the living died and some of our favorite charters died fighting for the living here are the ones we will miss the most

Dolorous Edd who died saving the life of Samwell Tarly

Lyanna Mormont who died by charging a wight giant, and believe or not she killed the giant with one blow

Benic Dondarrium he had died many times before resurrected by the Lord of Light but his final act was saving Arya

Melisandre who knew her time had come and walked out into the dawn just to turn into dust

Jorah Mormont the last of his families name died protecting Daenerys Targaryen

Theon GreyJoy who died by the hands of the Night King

and yes the living won the battle in the end when Arya killed “The Night King” now after a major clean up of thousands of bodies the living will lick there wounds and go down to kings landing to fight what they’re calling the last fight against Queen Cersei who currently sits on the iron throne and she has army of 20,000!! Looks like next week is going to be another classic!!!! Check back next Monday for your GOT Recap!!!

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