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Everybody was counting the Bucks out saying that this is the best Xichigan team in years and that their defense was going to shut the Bucks down and the Bucks might score 14 but that’s it!!! And that’s why they play the game…..Not only did the Bucks man handle Xichigan but they made it look RRRRRREEEAAAALLLLL easy beating that team up north 62-39 and they could’ve scored 70

AANNNNDD the Browns Finally beat the $hit out of Bengals they dominated them in every level of the game and not to mention that the Bengals starting QB broke his thumb in the 3rd Qtr and was done for the rest of the game. This win had to be real special for the Browns due to the fact the coach that they just fired was hired by the Bengals the Browns won the game 35-20