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2020 has been a crazy year.  From the pandemic practically making the world stop to the Black Lives Matter movement going worldwide, this year has been one of the most memorable years in history.  But every now and then something crazy happens like a man rollerblading down the highway in Columbus naked with a panda […]


  A single mother finds many difficulties when it comes to trusting people around their children. You simply can not trust everyone. A local mother has had to learn this lesson in a very unpleasant way. Brennan C. Crowe, of Grove City, has been accused of raping his ex-girlfriend’s 5-year-old daughter. According to court records, […]

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Text “POWER” to 71007 to join The Power mobile club for exclusive news & prizes   SIKE NAW not a full nude… but close enough!! Jaden seems to be trying to trap yall with another pic on his Instagram account.  Typically Jaden is rocking the I’m rich but look homeless and this shit cost a […]


Let’s cut to the chase…. Tyson Beckford posted a picture of himself naked standing in the desert.   Wipes drool…. Not long after posting this pic Tyson erased hit from his account.  But you know people got it…. and we thank you  

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#bigbinkshow – Wow, take a look at this unreleased Video of how the new First lady really feels about her position and the new Presidency.  

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We love some Usher!  Especially when he takes it off!  He’s been doing that lately now that his new album is out and does it again at New York’s Fashion Week! Singer Usher took to his social media to post some steamy pics that nearly broke the internet!   Click here to see photos

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  #bigbinkshow   Well, looks like Leslie Jones is in demand now ever since her profile escalated while at the Olympics, she was recently Hacked and they put her nude Photos out…Wanna see?  Click Here   

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Someone with a lot of artisitic abilities is obviously trying to humiliate Donald Trump and they might have been successful!  Five naked statues of Donald Trump have appeared all over the country including one in Cleveland outside the Big Fun toy store. The artist known as “Ginger” posted a video to youtube showing how the […]

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Normally when it comes to lawsuits, people especially celebrities want to stay away from that but not Kanye West!  As you know he debuted his visual to his song “Famous” featuring Rihanna and Swizz Beats but featured look alikes of other celebrities to stir up controversy. Of course this is what Kanye West wanted and […]

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Kim K’s  Naked pictures are definitely keeping her name at the top of the Gossip chain but not all the talk is good.  Different Celebrities have their own opinion about Kim showing all of her chicken.  Check out the tweets from high profile celebrities HERE Source: Gary Miller / Getty  

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Kim has taken off her clothes and got naked for the world once again!  This time she says that she didn’t have anything to wear.  For the Shot click HERE