This might be one of the toughest questions I’ve asked lol because it’s tough for me to answer this one because I keep second guessing myself. If I put on Big or Pac then I leave off Jay-Z and if I put Lil Wayne on the mountain then Eminem is a nada Damn! And how […]

When hip hop puts out list about the top rappers in the game a lot of times they forget to show some love to the ladies. That stops here!!! Because right now here are the top female mc’s in the game!!! Cardi B Nicki Minaj Megan Thee Stallion Remy Ma LightSkinKeisha Young Ma Kash Doll […]


Now this doesn’t mean that you can get high on the job but if this bill is passed in New York, I’m sure the rest of the country will follow suit. Now if this bill is passed it wouldn’t go in to effect until one year after it’s approval and there would be exceptions to […]

The 614

I thought it was the norm for people to just move over or slow down with caution when coming up on or passing any vehicles with flashing or rotating lights well it looks like everyone isn’t as informed as me lol but just last year drivers who violated this law went up more than 50%. […]

The 614

Well it’s official EVERYONE’S BRACKET IS BUSTED!!! Nobody and I mean nobody picked this Final Four Virginia, Michigan State, Auburn, Texas Tech???? What no Duke who lost by one to MSU, What no North Carolina who lost Auburn who also beat Kentucky!!!??? WTF No Gonzaga a team that averages 90 got beat by Texas Tech, […]

The 614

It’s been in the works for 2 years and now it’s up and running ,Franklin County residents can now send text messages to 911 dispatchers. The new system will help the deaf community and victims of domestic violence dispatchers can now ask specific questions thru the text message. Right now dispatchers can’t receive pictures or […]

There is a movement that is going on in the entertainment industry, this movement is calling out all of the creeps,jerks, etc…. that have used their position or power in a negative way. Most of these creeps have been using women’s wanting of fame to get them in the bed or whatever. In this movement […]

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You ever wonder what happened to your favorite celebrity from back in the day?  Or wonder what did a celebrity looked like when they were younger?  Well we got you covered!  You wouldn’t believe what some of these artists look like today.  Cheek out our celebrities then and now gallery.

    Check out your favorite celebrities back in the day & see what they look like now!

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