So you are walking home and you see some money on the ground.  What do you do?  Pick it up and find the owner? Or look to see if anyone is watching so you can keep it for yourself?  Keep it real? Call in, Drop a Dime on the Line 821-1075!

    Gary Owen, the funny White comedian who stars in Think Like A Man Too and is married to a Black woman, had a gracious response for those who felt he was snubbed by ESSENCE’s July cover featuring the cast. When ESSENCE revealed the beautiful double covers featuring the ladies of TLAMT on one […]

So we’re talking about farting tonight! LOL! Have you have ever farted in public and blamed it on somebody else? Keep it rea inside tonight’s Dimepiece Late Night Creep Topic!

On a recent interview, 50 Cent talks about Jay-Z and Beyonce’s breath. As you know he is promoting his new album “Animal Ambition” but took at few jabs at the couple while doing so. Check it out…

Rihanna talking bad about her Body Guard? Must be, because her body guard is suing her for Defamation!

You hear it in the mix, Rico Love’s latest single “Bi*%hes Be Like” now watch the his new video!

UPDATE: Love and Hip Hop cast member who was shot multiple tiimes is currently in stable condition.  He’s currently accompanied by fellow cast mate Stevie J.  

OMG! Being drunk can make you do some crazy things, like this guy here! A drunk man was caught on video breaking into a Burger King!  Was he that hungry?  Watch the video!


Drake - Hold On (We're Going Home)

Did Kirko Bangs remix “Drink In My Cup”? Actually we haven’t heard this remix before because it wasn’t done by Kirko Bangz. The PMC got this remix delivered to the station today. Ladies take a listen to this remix, can you relate to this? If so leave a comment. RELATED: Dennis Rodman Be Drunk All […]

First off if you don’t think celebrities get high then you are seriously mistaken. But, one thing you want to try to do is not get high on camera. Ya boy Ne-Yo didn’t get the memo and was on camera blowing smoke. Ne-Yo recently shot the video for new Rick Ross-featured single, “Super High.” In […]