#bigbinkshow – According to reports – 35 percent of men have bought rompers over the weekend in Columbus.  Have you bought yours?    

 It isn’t particularly surprising that on last night’s episode of her MTV show,  Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life, the world’s premier Gross-American pop star drank her own urine. While this is most likely not the most disgusting thing she’s ever done (or, quite possibly, not even the most disgusting thing she did that day) it is […]

Did Kirko Bangs remix “Drink In My Cup”? Actually we haven’t heard this remix before because it wasn’t done by Kirko Bangz. The PMC got this remix delivered to the station today. Ladies take a listen to this remix, can you relate to this? If so leave a comment. RELATED: Dennis Rodman Be Drunk All […]

A woman in Florida was arrested after getting into a fight with her husband because he had urinated on the floor. They sound like a classy couple already, don’t they? Deanne Elsholz, 44, told police she was trying to sleep when she heard her husband David, 50, peeing on the bathroom floor. When she confronted […]