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A reported assault led police to discover the huge bust. Franklin County Sheriff’s Office seized almost 15,000 Xanax pills on July 25th. Deputies were responding to an alleged assault call involving 24-year-old Grant Saale and 59-year-old Laura Saale. During questioning, deputies discovered that one had a large quantity of Xanax pills. Deputies alerted Special Investigations […]

The 614

Attention Attention All Criminals HERE IS A PSA….If your engaged in any transport of any illegal drugs and you decide to not check your car out before you engage in your illegal activity or you decide to drive crazy as hell while your doing said illegal activity then you deserve everything you get. Just like […]

#bigbinkshow – The Bill Cosby case has came to an end and Bill will not be going to jail anytime soon because the judge has declared a mistrial.  The jury comprised of seven men and five women and after deliberating for 53 hours could not agree on a decision. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Bill […]

#bigbinkshow – According to reports – The Jury in the Cosby case have been deliberating for over 30 hours and still can come up with a verdict….Could this end up a HUNG jury, Mistrial? Appeal?  Will the Judge make a final decision?  Stay tuned!!!!! As soon as we know we will let you know.   […]

  After 39 Months Gucci Mane is Officially out of Prison and the hip hop culture is awating on his return to the MIC.  His girl went immediately to twitter to share the news  CLICK

When Jimmy at 6-Hour Power gets a call from a customer that blames the company for his misuse of the product, he absolutely loses it!…

Debbie Allen,  who is an icon in entertainment and reportedly a good friend of Bill Cosby, is having a hard time believing that her friend was capable of the rape allegations that he is being accused of.  More importantly, Allen feels that the Cosby legacy is being tarnished.  For the full story click HERE   COSBY’S […]

Earlier this week the news broke that Mindless Behavior member Roc Royal was caught on camera stomping out a homeless man over $10 but the drama continued today when a picture of the singer gripping a perscription bottle and a hand full of pills surfaced! We’ve seen plenty of young celebrities fall into trouble but […]

According to the LA Times: Ice cream is pleasurable enough on its own, but your favorite flavor may seem boring compared to the Viagra ice cream created by U.K.-based food inventor Charlie Harry Francis. The award-winning inventor and owner of the company Lick Me I’m Delicious — remember that glow-in-the-dark ice cream? — has turned that little blue […]