Former NBA all star, Paul Pierce, is officially launching his own CBD company that will cater to the needs of athletes. The U.S. is quickly becoming a more weed-friendly nation, but there are still many stipulations and biases surrounding the Earth-grown plant. Pierce, former Celtics star and now ESPN basketball analyst, is making strides to […]


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Arby’s Thank you for staying TRUE to the BEEF!! While every other restaurant chain in the world is going to start offering a plant based item to there but not Arby’s they are standing by their slogan “We Have The Meats”!!! Arby’s felt to put out the statement that […]

The 614

The Ohio senator urges the president to stop playing the blame game and help with trying to stop the plant closing. GM announced Monday that they plan on closing the Lordstown plant near Youngstown next year. Senator Sherrod Brown is working with Democrats and Republicans to try to save the plant that employs 1,500 workers. […]

Do you keep up with the Kardashians?  Well then maybe you can guess which one conformed that their is another baby on the way!

Via: @rihanna “Roses are green! Somebody knows how to make me happy”   She uploaded this earlier in the day, so we should have seen it coming. RELATED::Tank Visits The Power 1075 Studios RELATED::PMC Does The Harlem Shake