Sony revealed the details for its next-generation console–most likely named PlayStation 5, although the name hasn’t officially been confirmed. In an interview with Wired, Mark Cerny, lead system architect for PlayStation 4, talked about his work on the upcoming console. Cerny confirmed the next-gen PlayStation is partially based on PS4 architecture, which means that it is […]

#bigbinkshow People spend countless hours preparing Thanksgiving dinner every year for the family but this year we had eyes on a family that tried to get together,  but the son went totally left when he explained what he was thankful for.  Check out this chaos that happened at the dinner table.  

  A suspect is finally behind bars for the killing of innocent little Jonylah Watkins. A South Side felon was charged Monday with killing baby Jonylah Watkins and wounding her father because he was angry the dad stole a PlayStation, police said. 34-year-old Koman Willis, of the 7800 block of South St. Lawrence, was charged with […]

Hammer time, Aaliyah, and Vanilla Ice. Faded Jeans, Flannel Shirts, and Jean Jackets. Steve Jobs’ Mac, The Cell Phone, and The Playstation. These are all things that bring us back to the 90s. A time when senior tag seemed meaningless without the Nerf Gun, when it was beyond cool to have a CD player, and even cooler […]