Snoop Dogg’s intense love for marijuana is no secret to most of us.  It is a well-known fact about him and he is, without a doubt, proud of it. Snoop’s predilection for the herb has grown beyond helping just himself. It’s become a way to make a living for some folks. As it turns […]

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Dennis Rodman has always been outspoken, I mean Damn dude married himself lol but this is different check out the video …….  

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A couple of Days ago we talked about a Man who Jumped over the White House fence and tried to get into the White House.  There are now reports that are saying that this guy actually got into the White House before he was subdued by the secret service….How does this happen?  Check out the […]

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LOL, well, that’s what some people on the Internet think. SOURCE RELATED::The 29 Most Important Grillz That Have Ever Existed RELATED::CityNewwss Gets a Massage At Inner Health Chiropractic There’s a conspiracy theory online that Beyoncé, 31, is actually the mother, NOT the sister, of Solange Knowles, who is 26. Here’s one site. Source: Here’s one […]

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Busted! Romney Caught In Secret Video: I Don't Care About 47% Of America!

Terrence Howard sure has a thing for secret marriages.  I’m hearing the actor got hitched to his new girlfriendLA designer Michelle Ghant.