A loaded submarine was discovered by the Coast Guard transporting over 12,000 pounds of cocaine worth more than $165 million dollars. The vessel was stopped in the Pacific Ocean by officials with the U.S. Coast Guard, who arrested four suspected drug smugglers. On September 5th, crew members aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Valiant and members […]

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Kim Kardashian West faced some major backlash over the summer after the announcement of her shapewear called Kimono. Now, Kim is no stranger to dealing with opposition. She was accused, yet again, of cultural appropriation for the choice of name for the brand, “Kimono.” Even the mayor of Kyoto, Japan politely asked her not to […]

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#bigbinkshow – Did you know that Tupac and Madonna used to date?  Actually Pac had to break up with her and he wrote a full letter explaining why they had to cut ties with each other.   Have you seen the Pac movie?  Surprisingly,  they didn’t cover that part of his life with Madonna in […]

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NAB Dance Battle September 1st