Due to COVID-19 many aspects of our everyday lives have changed or been forced to adjust to live under this pandemic. Throughout the state of Ohio, efforts are constantly being made to prevent the spread while still enjoying the summer. Governor DeWine has announced that local restaurants and bars may soon be able to […]


  All businesses have been affected heavily by the spread of the coronavirus. This abrupt disruption in the economy, is creating a real system of decline for us all. Small business, especially, are facing difficult times and trying to avoid being forced to shut down operations. In a press conference held Tuesday, Ohio Lieutenant Governor […]


  As many businesses are doing what they can to adjust to the current normal we’re experiencing due to COVID-19, most want to ensure the safety of customers more and more. It is certainly going to take the effort of us all to prevent the spread of this deadly virus. Walmart has kept their doors […]


During the COVID-19 viral pandemic, many businesses that have found themselves lucky enough to be “essential” have adjusted certain practices and introduced others to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. Popular pharmacy, Walgreens, is introducing drive-thru shopping! This way customers who need items won’t have to leave their car. This practice will fall in […]


The coronavirus hysteria is continuing throughout the world and has every one in America preparing for the worst. Across the board, from airports to elementary schools, the necessary precautions are being taken to keep us as safe as possible. Unfortunately, sports organizations are not exempt from the mayhem either. The NBA is looking to implement […]

The 614

Some people believe that Ron Freeman has to much time on his hands after he took time out of his day to make The Coronavirus Song where he helps people by spreading awareness and not germs. With cases popping up all over the world many cities around the country have begun preparing for an outbreak, […]


Rihanna and Kate Moss pose together on the new issue of “V” magazine. Note that in the cover on the right, what looks like a disembodied hand over Rihanna’s boob is merely Rihanna wrapping her arm around Kate Moss’s SHIN. It just looks confusing because their arms and legs are all the same size — […]