After witnessing an unbelievable display of aggression and violence at the U.S. Capital yesterday, many of us are left fearful and very much curious as to what will happen next. We watched Pro-Trump supporters forcefully attempt to take over Congress in efforts to potentially destroy and riot against the electoral ballots. Our democracy was […]

Back in 2017, Crayola reached out to the masses to get some help in naming their new hue. They formally announced the name of its then-new shade of blue, but fans and collaborators of the late Nipsey Hussle got wind of the color and are now pondering another option: Nipsey Blue. The original tweet came […]

It didn’t last long for a rally for President Donald Trump to get rowdy but it did. Today what started off as a peaceful rally in front of the Ohio Statehouse turn into a clash of words once critics of the president made their voices heard. Local reports show supporters carrying signs with messages like “Christians Love Trump” […]

When it comes to the 2016 presidential elections, Jeff Johnson says we’re getting caught up in all the wrong things. He explains what he thinks we as a community are too focused on, and what we should really be prioritizing instead when it comes to picking a candidate. Click on the audio player to hear explain more in this edition of 3 Things You Should […]

  Singer/songwriter Lauryn Hill was recently released from jail and she is showing love to those who supported her during her time behind bars. Hill…