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Source: Daniel Bailey / Radio One

Back in 2017, Crayola reached out to the masses to get some help in naming their new hue. They formally announced the name of its then-new shade of blue, but fans and collaborators of the late Nipsey Hussle got wind of the color and are now pondering another option: Nipsey Blue.

The original tweet came from @CreatorsProject circa 2017:

The request was filled with an abundance of Los Angeles and Nipsey Hussle-inspired ideas including Crenshaw Blue and the Marathon Continues. Some even proposed donating a portion of the resulting proceeds STEM development programs for kids.

The new blue crayon in question took on the name “Bluetiful” in September of 2017 after beating out a list of finalists including, Dreams Come Blue, Blue Moon Bliss, Reach for the Stars, and Star Spangled Blue.

Even still, tributes to Nipsey Hussle have poured in following his murder last month. After the insensitive comments from Fox News host Laura Ingraham, a number of artists have been inspired to speak out in defense of his legacy. In a surprise Coachella appearance, Justin Bieber even chimed in to call for Ingraham’s removal from the network.

This year’s Coachella featured a number of mid-set tributes to Hussle, including from Childish Gambino and Hussle’s “FDT” collaborator and friend YG, whose new album was delayed out of respect.

“My life was fucked up, my shit’s still fucked up,” YG said during his weekend 1 set. “The only reason I’m up here is because I’ve been drinking a whole lot of motherfuckin’ tequila. But my n***a gone, I gotta deal with this shit, so I decided to push my album back to May 3, goddamnit.”

I think it would be dope if Crayola seriously considered renaming the crayon or even making a custom shade to honor a man who deserves all that and more.

Source: Complex