#bigbinkshow – The world is talking about Amber rose and her new boo 21 Savage.  Wiz has no problem with them being a couple and spoke out below and actually gave 21 props…..check it out below.

  #bigbinkshow – Can you believe they were spotted together?  Are these celebrities just sharing each other?  Seems like everyone has just started dating each others former girlfriend or boyfriend.  Look at this new couple!!  Wiz pissed!!!!

#bigbinkshow – Ever since she did the Kanye West video right before the holidays, Teyana Taylor has been in high demand.  You have to do a doubletake on this pick cuz for a second it looks like she is naked (or is that just me lookin or thinking like that).  Teyana Taylor is that chick! […]

#bigbinkshow Yo, its being reported that a DJ was guilty of grabbing the ass of Taylor Swift during a routine photo op.  He claims that he didn’t grab it and his hand was not open and he is pissed to be seen as the dude who tried to grab all the “chicken” that Taylor is […]

So did Taylor Swift approve Kanye West of the verse that shouts her out or not?  Well, we are about to find out as the original lyrics to “Famous” has been leaked!  Listen to the audio here!

#bigbinkshow   I am a Demi Lovato fan! I think she makes great music and she has a HUGE fanbase.  However; according to reports recently in an interview she spoke about fake bodies and kinda tied Taylor Swift’s name to the conversation and then Taylor fans went in and she bowed out the game…..Check these […]

Still off the high of the killer performance in Kanye West’s new video debut for “Fade” at the MTV VMAs and she’s still adding more accolades to her resume!  Congrats are in order for Teyana Taylor!  She just landed TWO TV gigs! You will soon be able to catch Teyana Taylor on VH1’s Hip Hop […]

We all loved Teyana Taylor’s dance routine in Kanye West’s new video debut of “Fade”  on the MTV VMAs! I think we all want to learn a little bit of that dance routine to feel sexy and do it for your man.  Bu who gets that privileged? A Boyfriend or Husband? Take the poll

It’s all fun and games until some slaps a lawsuit on you!  That’s what Taylor Swift is planning to do since the secretly recorded phone call was leaked on the internet. Back and fourth between Taylor Swift and Kanye West about if permission were ever granted for Kanye to use her name in his song […]

OSU Buckeye asks Taylor Swift out on a date? So did she accept or nah?

Taylor Swift had them hanging from the rafters at the Staples Center in L.A. Friday night, and something else was hanging from the rafters … with a little help from Kobe Bryant. Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2015/08/22/taylor-swift-kobe-bryant-concert-staples-video-banner/#ixzz3jZia35zn

Taylor Swift blinked first … giving Nicki Minaj a full-on apology in an attempt to squash their Twitter war. There’s hope for world peace, after all. Taylor tried to dismiss the whole mess, saying … “I thought I was being called out. I missed the point, I misunderstood, then misspoke.” Swift took the high road, […]