Ted Williams

The 58-year-old made his return to WVKO-AM (1580), the radio station where the Ohio native began his career in the 1980s before drug and addiction woes took over.

Remember Ted Williams? In January 2011, we helped break a story about a homeless man who had the gift of the golden voice.  A few years later has his life changed for the better?  Well recently NBC News caught up with Ted Williams for a special they are filming titled ‘Season Of Kindness’ check it out. Recent Posts […]

We just keep finding hidden talent on the streets of Columbus. World meet “L from the short”, he’s a man on the streets and he has a talent all his own. Watch this exclusive video as “L” comes into the Power 107.5 studios and drops some of his rhymes. RELATED: Ted Williams Plays Mike Epps! […]

We often travel roads of redemption which lead us to help others. Ted Williams sat down with Meredith Veira  on the Today show and talked about his rediscovery of faith and sobriety.

Ted Williams Surprises Columbus Ohio fans at a Mike Epps show when he comes out on stage but he has a message to share with them about God while he’s got their attention. RELATED: Ted Williams Plays Mike Epps On Stage! [VIDEO] RELATED: Ted Williams Gives Sermon On Stage At Mike Epps Show [VIDEO] http://media.kyte.tv/js/kyte.js//

Ted Williams got to meet Mike Epps, the man who impersonated him, while Mike was in town for a sold out show. They shared a few laughs backstage. RELATED: Ted Williams Plays Mike Epps On Stage! [VIDEO] RELATED: Ted Williams Gives Sermon On Stage At Mike Epps Show [VIDEO] http://media.kyte.tv/js/kyte.js//

Everybody remembers the Mike Epps Plays Ted Williams video we broke last month. Well it looks like Ted Williams heard about the video and decided to turn the tables on Mike Epps. Check out this exclusive video when Ted Williams surprises unknowing fans by taking Mike Epps place at his show in Columbus. The crowd […]

Snoop Dogg stars in a YouTube commercial for the introduction of the new Metro PCS phone, the Samsung Galaxy Indulge smart phone. The commercial is a funny rendition of the show “The Love Connection” and features Warren G and Ted “Golden Voice” Williams. Adding two extra g’s to his name for the commercial, Snoop Dogg-gg […]

Snoop Dogg has grabbed another ad endorsement from Samsung for their Galaxy Indulge Smartphone. The ad is inspired by The Love Connection, titled The G-Connection and features Warren G and the man with the golden voice Ted Williams. You know Snoop plays too much and this time he plays three different versions of himself.  Hit […]

Ted Williams recently landed his own reality show, now he’s setting his sights on taking the music world by storm.  The formerly homeless Williams is releasing a song called “A Survivor’s Prayer” through digital outlets.

Been wondering where Ted Williams has been since he checked himself out of rehab?  We’ll he’s back and talking about where he’s been and his future plans.  Check him out as he talks about rehab, his management and feeling like Dr. Phil was pimping him.

VIA THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH Four days into the new year, with the world quickly discovering the “golden voice” of Ted Williams, the Columbus panhandler found himself awash in potential job offers. A Dispatch video posted on YouTube was logging views by the tens of thousands, and businesses large and small were envisioning ways to make use […]