The internet is full of savages. Dipset is back and fans were anxious to see their new music video for their new single “Sauce Boyz.” There was one thing fans noticed right out the gate…Where the hell is Juelz Santana’s teeth??   You can even hear in Santana’s verse that he ain’t got no two […]

#bigbinkshow – Maybe being in Jail changed his mind about his teeth?

Keyshia Cole came through to the morning show to talk about her new album, "1111 Reset."

#bigbinkshow – On Campus you can get Complimentary Dental Screenings and 2 to 4 Dental X Rays, Tomorrow and Monday February 6th. Where: On Campus at the 1st Floor Dental Clinic Postle Hall, 305 w 12th avenue – Columbus, Ohio  614 – 688 – 3763  

#bigbinkshow Have you seen the new way to keep your teeth White?  

  You won’t believe this!!!!! Look at this video!  People are using their mouth on other people and giving them massasges!!!  Sign Me Up Now!

A photo surfaced the internet of Tiger Woods missing a tooth as he visited his girlfriend’s competition.  Well, its not photoshopped! He is in fact missing a tooh!

Beauties, I bet you had no idea that keeping your chompers healthy involves more than brushing, flossing and staying away from red wine and/or coffee…

<script async src=”//platform.vine.co/static/scripts/embed.js” charset=”utf-8″></script> While some folks had a good laugh at a recent video of Momma Dee’s tooth nearly falling out during a recent performance,…

  Rapper Danny Brown has made a name for himself with rhymes that deal with extreme partying and and rambunctiousness. The fact that he was…

Last week, a police officer for the San Marcos Police Department in Texas was jailed for knocking a woman’s teeth out during an illegal arrest on May 29. James Angelo Palermo, 40, was charged with aggravated assault by a public servant. According to the Austin American-Statesman, while Palermo was conducting a routine traffic stop, he noticed Alexis […]

Let me see your grill! SOURCE RELATED::Columbus Fire Leaves Two Injured RELATED::Rihanna’s Year-Long Break Official After ‘Diamonds’ World Tour? 29. The Training Grill. Via: gangstaxgrillz 28. The Beyonce Vampire. Via: iam.beyonce.com 27. The Daddy Grill. Via: izismile.com 26. And the Mommy Grill. Via: gangstaxgrillz 25. The Tin Foil Grill. Via: izismile.com 24. The Homecoming Dance Grill. Via: izismile.com 23. The Matching Grill. Via: gangstaxgrillz 22. The Disney Grill. Via: youtube.com Via: youtube.com […]