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Lil Durk is giving back to his community in a big way and we love to see it! As a native from Chicago, it’s well known that its not always easy staying on the right track or making a positive impact on your community. Durk is determined to use his platform for the greater good. […]

Nia Noelle

  All summer long artist have been covering Ella Mai’s mega hit ‘Booed Up’ but with the release of another banger ‘Trip’ we suspect this song is next! Get Breaking News & Exclusive Contest in Your Inbox:   Singer Jacquees posted to his Instagram account his version of Ella Mai’s newest release while in the United […]

Big Bink's Blog

#bigbinkshow – Hey did Vegas Knock Brittney’s Wax figure out the park or Nah?

Big Bink's Blog

#bigbinkshow  – Pissed off at the Job and tired of getting up dealing with people that make your stomach turn?  Well go ahead and Quit and come work for IG,  better yet how about hopping on a cruise while taking your best pics and getting PAID?  Check out how this could work for you HERE […]

Medical emergencies on an airplane are rare  but they do happen…. That’s what happened This week on an American Airlines flight between Phoenix and Boston. Captain Michael Johnston, 57, was piloting the plane when he fell ill somewhere en route. The co-pilot landed the jet safely. Check out the full story HERE

DJ Dimepiece

We fall down, but we get up! But when someone else falls, what do you do?  Do you help them out, do you laugh? Do you help them out? Or do you keep moving and act like you didn’t see anything?


“Put the video in full screen and read the letters that appear. In the end, look at the keyboard or to a wall.”- SOURCE RELATED::Oscars 2013: The Absolutely Best (& Worst) Dressed RELATED::Disturbing Footage: Elisa Lam (Whos Body Was Found On Roof Of Hotel) Acting Like She Was On A Whole Mess Of Drugs!

The 614

Listen all weekend for your chance to win the new Miguel album and get registered for a fly-a-way to Atlanta to see him perform!