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#bigbinkshow – if you have cheek deficiencies, now is your chance to get your BOOTY POP!  On sale Now!!!!  Look at the tutorial below.

Black Tony called Rickey Smiley after his guys came up on a cement truck that is still full of cement that has been mixed and everything! He tells Rickey about what they plan to do with it. Click on the audio player to hear this funny exclusive clip from “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show. Sign Up […]

Big Bink's Blog

Donald Trump’s motorcade was reportedly attacked by protesters in Cleveland!!  Check out the full story and Video HERE  

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The brilliant minds over at Land Rover are preparing to release a new coupe SUV that will stand apart from the previous models in many ways. I found this over at a good friend of mine over at FLYLYF VIA FLYLYF Land Rover will launch its first ever two-wheel-drive car this autumn, an ultra-frugal version […]