The Trump Administration is proposing to change some key components that make up the food assistance program. With the revisions, millions of Americans will become at risk of losing their access to the assistance all together. Studies show that if these new Trump changes are engaged, 2.2 million households could have their average monthly assistance […]

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Looks like Ray J is dabbling in his ex’s field. Look, I’m all for more eyes, ears, and voices to be more involved with prison reform and freeing innocent people in jail/prison. However, can we please not lose sight of the goal and try to free people that belong in there. Case in point, Ray […]


A leaked audio file captures President Donald Trump inviting members of his Bedminster golf club to join his presidential transition meetings.


First lady Michelle Obama turned her last speech before leaving the White House into a powerful and emotionally stirring message for young people amid growing fears among marginalized communities of President-elect Donald Trump and his cabinet heading to the nation's capital.


Former "Apprentice" star Omarosa Manigault has accepted a public engagement position within Donald Trump's administration after securing a director of African-American outreach job with the President-elect.

Ben Carson considers a Trump cabinet position. Previously, the retired surgeon said he's unqualified to head a federal department.

Guess who won't be at Trump cabinet meetings? Ben Carson declines offer to run a federal agency in the Trump administration.