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(source: MTV)

I Guess Breezy was serious when he said that he wanted to change his image… This isn’t exactly the image I expected… C’mon Chris, you could have done something that didn’t require you to wear black stretch pants!!! Here’s the story as reported on by MTV.com:

Chris Brown released the album cover for his forthcoming Graffiti album (due December 15) on Monday (November 2). The singer tweeted the image on Monday afternoon, just as images from his “Crawl” music video were released.

On the cover, Brown is decked out in all black wearing a blazer, turtleneck, sunglasses and army boots and holding an electric guitar one shoulder and a can of spray paint in the other hand — which actually looks like a mechanical hand. He appears to be standing in a spacecraft, in front of a window showing stars and the Earth. The album’s title is in a liquid, futuristic silver font, contrasting oddly with a collection of colorful cartoon characters.

“CHRIS BROWN ‘CRAWL’ VIDEO STILLS & ALBUM COVER+NIKE SPORTSWEAR RIVALRY COLLECTION FEATURING CASSETTE PLAYA & MORE!” Brown tweeted, with a link to his site, MechanicalDummy.com, where he posted photos.

In stills released from his “Crawl” video, Brown is seen on two main sets — one in a desert, the other a snow- and puddle-spotted alleyway. In both settings, the singer wears the same outfit: thick black glasses, brown leather trench coat, white T-shirt, fingerless gloves, white belt, jeans and high-top sneakers. In one photo, he is joined by Bad Boy artist Cassie, who will make an appearance in the video.

The video was directed by his “I Will Transform Ya” director, Joseph Kahn. “I mean, everything that’s happened to him in the year, I think this is going to be his big statement, in terms of what he’s feeling and what he’s living through right now,” Kahn explained to MTV News. “I don’t even know if Chris is trying to say anything with the video. I think he just sort of, as an artist, I think Chris communicates more through what he does … and so what he does in the video will speak for itself.”

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