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Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Hudson, Willow Smith and Aretha Franklin are featured in Elle magazine’s “Women In Music” issue (May 2011). The mag labeled them the “Gold Dust Women.” Check out their hot shots and interview excerpts below:

Nicki Minaj

On being a rapper: “I always wanted to play with the boys. I didn’t want to be a pawn in their game or have a sidekick role. I wanted to be more of a lead character – a superhero.”

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Jennifer Hudson

On performing in gay clubs when she was younger: “In high school I was like, ‘Well, these are drag queens lip-synching, and I can really sing; why can’t I go up there?’ I would win all the talent shows.”

On the changes in her life: “My surroundings and my lifestyle are different, and it’s like, what part of Jennifer is the same as 10 years ago? The only thing I have to hold on to is my voice.”

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Willow Smith

On her full length album: “It’s going to be a party beat. I think you’re gonna like it!”

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Aretha Franklin

On wardrobe options for her tour: “I am going to rock this [size] 16. Sixteen probably sounds large to girls who wear 10s and 12s, but I love it, because it looks good on me.”

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A game-changer, vocal powerhouse, pre-teen wonder and legend! We love it!