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I saw Precious on Friday at the Drexel in Bexley. All I can say is…… WOW! That movie was….WOW! I had so many emotions while watching the movie, none of them I can put into words. So days later I’m left saying…..WOW.  

The film, based on the book Sapphire, took several turns. Most of them for the worse. Just when you thought the character Precious couldn’t take another blow, another devastating dose of ‘her’ reality,  was hurled her way.

I tried to find a positive message in movie, and here’s what I came up with: Even though Precious was forced to grow up early, she’s was abused, and made fun of by her peers. She still managed to have a sense of humor, and she was still kind and compassionate.  Even after ALL she’d been through.

The movie serves as a reminder that no matter how bad things in your life seem, someone always has it worse. Be grateful!

The movie is a MUST SEE.   But definitely for mature audiences only.