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The ongoing custody battle between Halle Berry and ex, Gabriel Aubry, reached an all time high when their nanny called the police on him for shoving her out of the door while she was holding Berry’s daughter, Nahla. Berry asked the courts for a restraining order against Aubry and they valked at the request. Instead, the two squabbling adults take parenting classes to ensure the safety of their daughter.

According to RadarOnline, The two participated in a joint interview  “to get these two in the same room and recognize that all of this fighting, is hurting their daughter.” The official investigation by child protective services will “remain open while Gabriel and Halle take the parenting classes and to ensure that Nahla’s safety and well-being continue. Gabriel absolutely wants to work with Halle, and that hasn’t happened, so he is hopeful that can happen now.

Fighting parents makes for a broken child. We hope they can get it together.


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