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As with most other states, texting while driving is already banned in New Jersey. Now Fort Lee police chief Thomas Ripoli are holding pedestrians accountable by asking them to be more aware.

There have been 23 pedestrian accidents since January, Fort Lee police chief told CBS New York. While most accidents were minor, three fatalities were reported.

“They’re not alert and they’re not watching what they’re doing,” Ripoli told CBS New York‘sDerricke Dennis. “As of now, [officers are] to give summonses to pedestrians who do not adhere to crosswalks and the lights.”

There have been some outrageous viral videos of people distracted while texting. Recently, a Los Angeles man almost ran into a bear while texting. Another video shows a woman in a mall who fell into a water fountain because she was distracted from texting.

The woman who fell in the fountain regretted her carelessness in retrospect, emphasizing the dangers of texting while walking.

The texting ban went into effect in the northern New Jersey in March.