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Lil’ Wayne turned 30 last week and the latest rumor says he brought in the milestone with a bang…and provided a room for others who needed to do the same.

According to Rumor Fix, there was a “sex room” provided to guests. I mean, if you’re going to spend $180,000 on a party you’ve got to think of everything. Or at least, a gossip site would love for you to think so.

An apparent guest of the party told the site, “They had a sex room that had condoms, lube and Tang.”

The event was hailed as “Project XXX.”

Another guest added, “Wayne looked really happy and kept to his small circle of friends. But everywhere he went a crowd of girls followed him.”

Imagine that. Meanwhile, the room in question was probably coat check.


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Lil’ Wayne And The Rumored Sex Room  was originally published on hothiphopdetroit.com