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Things have been quiet on the Nicki Minaj vs. Mariah Carey front lately. The two singers cover The Hollywood Reporter this month with the rest of the “American Idol” crew and neither of them were eager to bring up their issues again.

According to THR Nicki refused to talk about their drama but she did offer up this much: “I am scary and intimidating. I definitely demand respect. I’m also a sweet person. I’m a loving person. But I don’t want to be f—ed with.” While Mariah kept it vague as well, she did mention the panel seems to be fine. “Sometimes things get heated for their own reasons. I don’t think the panel has an issue,” she said.

Although both singer don’t really want to talk about their past beef, there does seem to be some passive aggressiveness between them according to THR. When asked about her controversial wardrobe, Nicki had her own thoughts on who should be singled out. “I could think of at least one other person that shows more cleavage and skin than me,” she said. With the rest of the “Idol” crew being male it’s not hard to figure out who she was referring to. READ MORE

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