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In 2011, Drake released a myriad of videos of fan favorites from his sophomore album,Take Care, which included “The Motto”, “Take Care”, “Headlines”, and “HYFR.” But Tuesday night (January 15), filmmaker, Mikael Columbu felt compelled to release the 2-D trailer for scrapped Drake video, “We’ll Be Fine.” According to Drake’s fan site, Word on Road, the video didn’t come out exactly as the director planned and so the visuals were scrapped. The video and post were later deleted from Columbu’s Vimeo channel and Drake’s fan site.

This wasn’t the first time the Toronto rapper made a video only to not release it later (i.e. “Fancy” featuring Swizz Beatz and T.I. from his first album, Thank Me Later).

Although we couldn’t see the full vision for “We’ll Be Fine”, that still hasn’t stopped the 25 year old star from putting in work. His fan site, Word on Road, released visuals of Drake on the set of a new video for a song called “Started From the Bottom.” By the looks of the pictures, he’s definitely sitting on the top of things. The video is being shot in Canada by one of Drake’s go-to for visuals, Director X. READ MORE

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