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I get emails with questions about your relationships just about every day!! Monday mornings, I select a question, and read it live on the air at 7:20 and 9:20. Konata, Tessa and I share our thoughts and then ask for yours.

 THIS WEEKS MISTY’S MATTER OF THE HEART QUESTION:  “I’m 21 and I met this guy who is 29 and he’s amazing. We have so many things in common. It’s weird how we clicked so fast. I know age ain’t nothing but a number, but the same questions keep popping in my head..’Is he too old for me?'”

 If you have a question for MISTY’S MATTER OF THE HEART shoot me an email Mijordan@radio-one.com. Include your age and the side of town you live/work on. I NEVER use names and I NEVER will! Thank you for trusting us with your questions.

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