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Now there has been confusion over whether the “Stand Your Ground” law is unique to Florida. The answer is no. The controversial part of Florida law, known as Stand Your Ground, was waived by the defense pre-trial. Instead, they argued classic self-defense with a law and legal burden similar to that of every state in the nation. Except Ohio.

In the Buckeye State, rather than forcing the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it was not self defense, the defendant adopts that legal burden. It is the defense that has to prove it’s more likely than not that self defense was justified (unless it occurs in your home).

In this case George Zimmerman would have had to prove that he reasonably feared great bodily harm or death when he killed Trayvon Martin. So would that legal distinction have made the difference? Probably not, but it would have made it a much closer and tougher legal case.



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