#bigbinkshow Sad….George Zimmerman – who killed Trayvon Martin years ago,  which sparked a deep look at Racial Tension in America, has decided to sell/auction off his actual gun that killed Trayvon Martin…Check Out the Story HERE    

This may not seem to be surprising, but George Zimmerman has been arrested for aggravated assault. Wait until you find out why.

  It’s your girl Dimepiece amd I’m back with your fix of the Dime Time Celebrity News Buzz!  Tonight its about couples Kim and Kanye, Ashanti and Nelly and a boxing match between DMX and George Zimmerman?

Now’s your chance to kick George Zimmerman’s ass with zero legal repercussions — he just agreed to a celebrity boxing match … and he says he’ll fight ANYONE … even black people. Celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman threw down the challenge, offering George money to step in the ring. Now here’s the kicker … the opponent […]

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George Zimmerman‘s divorce proceedings are on hold, because he’s gone Bigfoot on his wife according to TMZ. The divorce can’t move forward until George is…

George Zimmerman Stopped By Cops Still Packing Heat

Tell me what you think about this ABC News Analysis Below.. Now there has been confusion over whether the “Stand Your Ground” law is unique…

Rachel Jeantel, who was criticized online for her raw and emotional testimony during the George Zimmerman trial, took to CNN Monday night to talk about the case. Nationally syndicated radio host, Tom Joyner, interviewed Jeantel Tuesday morning and said he wanted to help her after seeing her testimony and CNN interview. Image by Michael Loccisano / Getty Images “Hi […]

One of the six jurors who acquitted George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin case says she “was sure” the voice heard screaming for help on a 911 tape was…



Juries with little diversity tend to acquit or offer lighter sentences when the victim is black. (The Root) — Gavel-to-gavel news coverage with a promise that viewers “won’t miss a moment.” A televised re-enactment of deadly events. A virtual army of lawyers, writers and jury consultants, analyzing every comment, every witness and nearly every moment of the […]