*Ah Kanye, if you’re being perfectly honest you have to admit the name alone evokes something strong in the center of your gut.

But alas, love him or not (hate is too strong a word even for us!) the man knows how to keep his name in the press – and yes, that means we will write about him.

Now, after dodging Charlemagne the God‘s bruising line of questioning and screaming at his longtime colleague Sway, Mr. Mouth has cooled down long enough to appear amiable; showing up on Atlanta’s  V-103 radio station and speaking with DJ Greg Streetabout everything he can think of that might get attention – all in support of his Yeezus Tour.

He even threw in a couple interesting tidbits about his dis-like for some of Biggie Small’s earlier beats and his history with CyHi The Prynce. Watch and enjoy the two-part interview. You gotta admit, where there’s Kanye, there’s a lively exchange.

Enjoy the 2-part Kanye Funfest!

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