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Okay so in an unexpected moment on the Wendy Williams Show Monday, Miss Wendy broke down in the middle of hot topics. The touching moment came as she was discussing Madonna and the very close relationship she appears to have with her 13-year-old son.

As we previously reported, Madonna referred to her son as #Dis Nigga over the weekend so this was the reason they were being spoken about in the hot topics segment at the top of the show. But we digress.

Well, Wendy clearly got touched by the thought of how close Madonna is with her son Rocco and thought of her own son Kevin because the next thing the audience knew she was crying and getting tissue from a stage assistant. Viewers everywhere suddenly wanted to rush to their TV’s and hug Wendy tight! (Us included!)  Anyone who is a mom or who has ever been responsible for raising a teenager immediately knew what she was talking about.

But just when you thought you knew what Wendy was going to say about Madonna using the N-bomb on Instagram….Wendy surprised ya! Check it out at about the  8:44 mark in the video below!



Only Wendy Williams could break into tears and tell an entire at home and in studio audience about something so personal and then read the hell out of Madonna in the very next breath! Get em Wendy! And after your tears today…we really want to know… how you doin?! (Hang in there Wendy…the first thing your little Kevin will say if he wins an award or even the Super Bowl one day will be “Hi Mom!”)



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