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Lala says she has no problems telling Melo’s thirsty groupies to kick rocks…

Real-life basketball wife, actress and reality star Lala Anthony has been holding it down on the marriage front with her hubby Carmelo Anthony for a while now and she recently spoke out about how she handles her man.

Talk show host Any Cohen caught up with Melo’s Mrs., who is currently promoting her recently-released relationship guide titled, “The Love Playbook,” and she dished on dealing with his groupies and his strip club outings.

via S2S Magazine

After 10 years together, LaLa Anthony is used to women coming on to her man, and she’s used to shutting them down.

“They always get too close. I just think that’s how some girls can be,” LaLa explained to Bravo’s Andy Cohen. “As long as it’s respectful, I can deal with it.”

While she doesn’t seem to be yanking the marital ball-and-chain too hard, LaLa said she will address any situations that demand her attention.

“There’s a line of you going too far,” she said about women who try her. “I definitely let them know.

LaLa doesn’t have a problem with her NBA hubby, Carmelo Anthony, taking trips to the strip club either.


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