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*Electricity powers not only business growth but also lights the minds of young people –helping them to learn when theyplug intheir computers and other essential technologicaltools.

R&B star Akon recognizes that in many parts of Africa business expansionis not possible and children’s education stifled because there is no ability to getelectricity.

“They’re using kerosene and candles after dark,” he said when talking about his effort to drastically change their plight.

The five-time Grammy nominated artist has launched “Akon Lighting Africa,”a partnership to bring electricity to one million households in Africa by the end of 2014.


“We’re already close (providing electricity) to 200,000 and the movement has just started,” Akon said in an exclusive interview.

He likened “Akon Lighting Africa” to a movement – one that he is encouraging his friends, celebrities, businessmen and others to join.

“In America sometimes,” Akon maintained “the concept of having that opportunity to be able to go back to Africa and invest and be a part of Africa’s growth has been really kind of quiet. This is a way to open everyone’s eyes to do it. I’m utilizing this opportunity and I’m promoting it like I would promote my album or record or anything of that nature.”


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