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According to the Examiner:

One California teen took matters into her own hands when she brought in homemade cupcakes that she fed to her tormentors according to a report by Jezebel on Sunday.

When her classmates asked her why the cupcakes tasted horrible, she reportedly told them that it was because they were made with nature’s ingredients; semen, pubic hair, and other bodily fluids including fecal matter. The Denver Channel reports that this is not actually the case as the cupcakes were actually made with other unsavory kitchen ingredients such as mayonnaise, soy sauce, and barbecue sauce. When police arrived on the scene, the cupcakes had already been disposed of, however, the teen told police of her “secret ingredients” on her own volition.

This incident has been labeled a hoax since there were no bodily fluids found in the cupcakes. However, one student did stay home after eating one of the cupcakes because the thought of ingesting bodily fluids was enough to cause stomach cramps and vomiting. This isn’t the first incident of cupcakes being filled with bodily fluids and being fed to students.

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