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We know Halle Berry has money but her baby daddy Gabriel Aubry is trying to milk her of everything she has. You won’t believe the amount of money she was ordered to pay for child support!

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Dayuuuuuuuuum Gabriel Aubry just go the ultimate come up!

Halle Berry Ordered To Pay $16,000 A Month In Child Support

Halle Berry’s baby daddy Gabriel Aubry is about to be living the good life now that a judge has awarded him a whooping $16,000 A MONTH in support for their daughter until she turns 19!

People Magazine reports:

Halle Berry has been ordered to pay Gabriel Aubry a hefty sum each month for child support.

A Los Angeles court on May 30 ordered the Oscar-winning actress to pay $16,000 per month to support their daughter Nahla, 6, until she turns 19 years old or graduates from high school, whichever comes first. The court also awarded Aubry $115,000 in retroactive support.

The couple share equal custody of their daughter, according to court documents.

The pair reached an initial custody agreement in 2012 after a long court battle and a physical altercation involving Berry’s now husband Olivier Martinez.

Berry, 47, gave birth to Nahla in 2008 after dating the Canadian model Aubry for two years. The couple split in April 2010.

My gawd…it pays to impregnate a banger!


TI’s Mother pleads with Tiny via social media in hopes that she will consider making things work with her and her son’s marriage.

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T.I.’s mother asks Tiny to make things right…

T.I.’s Mother Reaches Out To Tiny About Their Marriage Trouble

ATL rapper T.I. and his wife Tiny have been publicly struggling to keep their marriage afloat for the last year or so now, but while it seems like they might be headed for splittsville, T.I.’s mother is still hoping they can keep it together.

Tiny posted a few Instagram pics from a recent night out with her girls….


and then posted this along with it:


TI’s mother then took to respond with this:


You know it’s serious when your mother in law is getting involved.

Jay-Z’s alledged side chick revealed? Here is a photo of her:


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Has Hov been humping this Becky behind Bey’s back? Jay Z Cheating On Beyonce With VIP Hostess Casey Cohen We recently reported rumors that Beyonce was letting her bodyguard Julius blow her back out right under hubby Hov’s huge nose. Well, it look like she may not he the only dirty dog in this hip hop marriage. New reports are claiming that Jay has been carrying on an affair with a VIP hostess from NYC. In Touch Weekly Magazine reports: One of the hottest girls he’s been seen with more recently is Casey Cohen, a VIP hostess at 1Oak in NYC, reveals another insider. “Jay probably sees her twice a month. He visits her while she’s working and then they slip away for an afterparty, She’ll hang out with him all night, flirting with him and touching him. . . . “Beyonce is considering divorce, say insiders. After all, evidence suggests Jay isn’t going to change, so it will be Beyonce wwho has to if she can’t live with what she’s hearing.

What do you think? She’s hot enough to step out on queen Bey?



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