Finally, a little bit of relief will be found for women when it comes to our natural journey with feminine products. Ohio has signed the “pink tax” repeal into law. Today, Republican Governor Mike DeWine signed Senate Bill 26 into law. The bill includes an amendment that repeals the state’s pink tax on tampons and […]

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The weather has been getting colder and when it cod outside we of course turn the thermostat all the way up. Which may send our gas bill through the roof, and who wants a higher gas bill? Nobody. I’ve done a bit of research so you don’t have to go through the winter with your […]

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Just when we thought it was all said and done, the save the crew group just hit it out the park by revealing a plan for a new stadium close to downtown. One of the major concerns of the current ownership was location, the owner wanted to be closer to downtown which seemed impossible until […]

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Years ago, I gave up singing. Completely. I just focused on being a wife and a mother. Let me clarify that. I never stopped singing. I just didn’t share it. I’ve recorded a lot of music and just listened to it in the car or in my basement—never sharing it with anyone. So because of […]

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We know Halle Berry has money but her baby daddy Gabriel Aubry is trying to milk her of everything she has. You won’t believe the amount of money she was ordered to pay for child support!


Buried deep in your profile is a button that shows all your activity, including who you search for. Facebook knows your deepest secrets — and it’s not letting you forget it. SOURCE RELATED::Lindsay Lohan Gets Nothing In ‘Everything’ Lawsuit Against Pitbull RELATED::Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z Announce Tour Dates!

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Lil Wayne Not Giving AF At His Deposition! "He's Can't Save You" (Suing Quincy Jones III Over Documentary)