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I’m all about the hustle especially if you are good at it!  A homeless man was recorded singing for food.  He song a cover of John Legend’s song and did pretty good.  He may even have John Legend beat!  His video went viral and I have it here for you to check out and judge for yourself.


How did he do?  Somebody sign this man!

Is Stevie J being abused?



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Is Stevie J Abused By Joseline Hernandez????

Although rumors ran rampant that Joseline Hernandez was being abused by Stevie J did people have it backwards all along?

That’s the question that’s being asked after Stevie’s “brother” Benzino (and his dad for some reason) did an interview and revealed that Joseline has put her hands on “Sleaze” several times; at one point ripping his ear and another time threatening him with a weapon.

VladTV reports:

Benzino opens up about his friendship with Stevie J being on the rocks, and claims that it all boils down to the music producer’s relationship with Joseline Hernandez. The Hip Hop Weekly owner says his rift with Stevie has always been about Joseline, and he details how he’s heard about the “Puerto Rican Princess” abusing Stevie behind the scenes.

“It’s that monster that “Love & Hip Hop” created,” said Zino about his current issues with Stevie.

“People see “Love & Hip Hop” and they only see a short period of our lives. The stuff behind the scenes gets more news than anything.”

When you see Stevie and Joseline from season one it’s always about her disrespecting him, I think she ripped his ear off where he had to get stiches,” said Zino. “There’s pictures of him being abused by her. […] She abuses him.”

“We’ve heard stories of her pulling guns on him and all kinds of stuff,” he adds.



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