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Ledarius Williams (pictured), a former felon shot dead by police in St. Louis Tuesday, had been previously shot by cops in 2009, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

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The officer shot Williams in the city’s Dutchtown neighborhood mid-afternoon. According to Police Chief Sam Dotson, when that officer and his partner spotted Williams, “an individual they know from the neighborhood,” he adjusted his waistband and began running. Both officers gave chase, cornering Williams who allegedly hid behind a bush behind a building.

Apparently, Williams then produced a gun and a scuffle between the three began. Eventually, Williams’ gun was reportedly aiming at one officer during the incident. One of them managed to fire four shots at Williams, fatally striking him. It is not currently known how many of the bullets connected with his body.

“If I wanted to describe a struggle for your life, one of the officers today is covered in mud, literally head to toe, where they were rolling on the ground in the mud while trying to gain control of [Williams’] gun,” Dotson said, describing the encounter.

A Springfield Armory .45 caliber handgun was recovered at the scene, reportedly belonging to Williams, officers said. The gun had been stolen from Alabama two years ago, they added.

Another officer shot Williams in his leg in 2009, after he reportedly aimed a gun at her and another officer. He reportedly ignored previous demands to drop his weapon, a law enforcement source said.

Later that year, Williams plead guilty to two counts of assault to a police officer. Though he received seven years for each count for a total of 14 years behind bars, he was released last March.

A small crowd gathered at the area shortly after the shooting.

“I looked out the front and didn’t see anything, and then I looked out the back. I opened the door, and then I saw this young man lying on the concrete on his stomach, right there in our gangway,” said Gary Gordon Jr., who lives in the house next to the gangway Williams was shot in.

Gordon claims he didn’t see a gun at the scene.

Though the neighbors did not know him, they later crafted a makeshift memorial in Williams’ honor, including teddy bears and candles.

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