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Arrest Warrant Issued For Joe Budden After Skipping Court

Joe Budden is wanted by the law…yet again. If you’ll recall, Joey was actually on the run from police last summer after initial charges were filed against him for slapping up his Startender girlfriend at the time, Audely.

Now, Joe either forgot or simply blew off his latest court appearance in the case, and is once again a wanted man. Via TMZ:

Rapper Joe Budden is so on top of his social media game … he flat out forgot to show up to face charges that he allegedly attacked his gf — which is why there’s now a warrant for his arrest.

No joke … Budden went A.W.O.L. for Thursday’s hearing in NYC. Far as we can see … he posted a few Instagram pics and tweeted some random crap that day, but just couldn’t make it to court.

Budden is accused of allegedly beating and choking his girlfriend last summer. The judge in the case immediately issued the bench warrant when he skipped the hearing.

We reached out to Budden’s lawyer, but much like the court … we’ve gotten no response.

Seems like it would be much less stressful to just go ahead and face the court rather than constantly dodging the cops…don’t you think?