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Kayne West has been going through it yawll. From being 53 Mill in debt… to Kylie “betraying” him by signing a deal with Puma even though Kanye made it public that he was 1000% sure she wouldn’t. Now SNL Producers are messing wuth Kanye’s Stage and he was PISSED!!!

According to TMZ

According to multiple reports, the rapper went ballistic on show execs before ‘SNL’ started, but our Kanye sources say that’s not exactly what happened. We’re told 30 minutes before going live, producers removed almost half of Kanye’s set for aesthetics.

Kanye’d been rehearsing on the larger set all day, so he was definitely pissed. We’re told he threatened to walk and angrily vented, but only to HIS team … never to ‘SNL’ honchos.
He did eventually speak calmly with Lorne Michaels, who decided to put the set back together.

Still the tantrum was pretty intense… and with his recent twitter rants I think its safe to say that Kanye might have Autism or an acute form of Aspergers. Google it!!