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Tinder Tales with lilD

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So I’ve been swiping and “texting” people, and set up a date with one of them. He told me he owned a promotional company; I lied and told him I worked for an insurance company lol. Well we decided to go to the movies, so we went to Studio Movie Grill.

At first, he was acting a little nervous. He had a drink in his hand when I got there (I assume to calm his nerves), but it clearly wasn’t working. He was talking fast, looking at the ground, and laughing for no reason. I drank water. Never will I drink anything else around strangers.

So we get in our seats and order food. The movie hasn’t started yet, so we’re having small talk. I finally laughed at something he said, and he said “wow, I finally got a laugh out of you! Maybe I should just chill then.” I say “that’s a GREAT idea.”

So the movie starts. When a movie starts, you watch it, right? As in, you don’t talk? Well now I’m starting to think he wasn’t nervous when he was talking a lot, he just talks a lot. Five minutes into the movie, he leans over and asks “what are you doing next Friday?” I don’t always think before I speak, so I respond with “I don’t know, but I won’t be talking during a movie.” I gotta find my chill.

Movie is over. I’m doing the normal girl thing, fidgeting with my keys as I walk closer to the exit. I say “well this was fun….” But before I can get to the “hit me up later” part he interrupts me and says “can you do me a favor?” I’m not sure what kind of favor a guy who doesn’t know me, wants at 5:36 pm, but I say “what’s up?” This grown man said “I got dropped off here. Can you take me to my studio? It’s right around the corner.”

I. Am. Appalled. I haven’t been dropped off at the movies since I was 14!! I stand there for a few seconds, because I’m partially shocked, and because part of me is waiting on him to say “nah I’m joking.” Well he was serious.

I agree, but go to the restroom first. Had to call the only man I know here, DJ Mr. King. I give him the address and say “If I don’t call you in 15 minutes, come get me. I’ve been kidnapped.”

There isn’t much said in the car, because I’m disgusted. But luckily his studio really was only 8 minutes away. He gets out the car and invites me to the studio (because since I “work for an insurance company,” I know nothing about recording studios). I ask if his car is in the shop, or if he just doesn’t have one. He says would rather put his money in his music, and that’s why he doesn’t have a job either. Just his promotion company and his music.

I dated an aspiring rapper once, when I was 17. Even he worked at McDonald’s though.

So if you’re wondering….he won’t be getting called back. On to the next one….