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lilD is taking 30 days to see if you can really use Tinder for more than a hookup! Appparently her job as a radio personality was too much for one guy to handle…

Tinder Tales with lilD

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I love my job. I literally eat, sleep, and breathe radio, and I’ve worked hard to be in this position. I use my platform to give back to the community, and I try to be an example to girls coming up under me. So why would my job be a reason to not date me???

New Tinder Guy and I decided to meet at a vegan dessert place here to have a few cookies and coconut milk. (I just finished reading a book on how to be vegan so I think I’m an expert lol).

Everything is going well. First thing he says is, “I love your hair.” My hair is a natural, curly afro on Sunday afternoon. I find it rare for men to like my hair like this, so I’m immediately impressed. His hair was a very cute curly fro as well. So he tells me he’s an accountant. Good job? Check. He asks what I do. I proudly say “I’m a radio personality on Power 107.5.” That’s when it went left.

Tinder Guy’sĀ face turned up like he sucked on a lemon covered in fresh feces! He asked, “so what exactly do you do?” I said “I talk, play music, and make people laugh, basically.”

He asks “so you play music that bashes the community, and you do nothing to uplift our people?” I’ve heard this a million times, so as I get ready to recite my rebuttal (I use my platform to uplift the community, I have an organization dedicated to helping girls), he doesn’t even let me talk. Tinder Guy is super disgusted with me and proceeds to say, “you’re contributing to the destruction of our people. Why don’t you talk about Africa on air, and teach people our real history?”

I try to explain to him that as an entertainer, I give people bits and pieces of the real, but my real teaching is done off air. He’s not hearing it. Homeboy didn’t even finish his vegan cookies; he got up and left me there.

I’ve never been walked out on, on a date before, so for a second I was shocked. Then I realized he had already paid for my vegan cake, and he had an untouched vegan cookie. So I did the only logical thing I could do: asked the cashier for another glass of lemonade, and finished my dessert.

I hope he didn’t send an angry letter to Black Lives Matter.