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lilD is taking 30 days to see if you can really use Tinder for more than a hookup! This guy is way too old for this…

Tinder Tales with lilD

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Well since yesterday was so awkward, going on a date with a 19 year old, today had to be better, right? Well Tinder Guy was 30, so that’s cool.

He works for an insurance company and has moved up the ladder, and he happy there. That’s important to me, that a person loves what he does. So that was definitely a plus.

He was a little thick for my taste, but I definitely wasn’t gonna let that deter me; he was cute and chubby. Today was a super busy day, so I didn’t have time for a real “date,” so we met at Rocky Fork Metropark, and he joined me on a brisk 2 mile walk. He certainly gets points for that.

So Tinder Guy asked me where I lived, and I told him in Westerville. I started talking about how I like the neighborhood, but didn’t realize it was so far from my job and everything else. So I asked where he lived and he said “a house in Dublin.” In my mind, I said “sheesh, that insurance job must pay WELL,” but aloud I said “oh wow, that’s far.”

So we continue to walk and talk. He has a 2-year-old daughter whom he gets 3 days a week. He says he chose Dublin because the school system there is excellent. Gotta love a man who’s thinking about his child’s future.

So the walk is coming to an end, because I have an appearance to get to. He asked me if I had a roommate; I tell him “nah. I’ve never been into roommates. Just me. What about you?” He says “well, sort of.”

Oh boy.

Tinder Guy tells me, “I’m saving up to buy a house.” Now wait; didn’t he just tell me he lived in a house??? He notices the confused look on my face, and continues. “Well I do live in a house in Dublin… parents’ house. I’m saving to buy my own house because I don’t want an apartment.”

So I ask, “have you ever lived on your own?” He says “nah. Just been stacking.”

Well he’s been stacking a long time, if he’s 30 and never paid rent.

I’m not one to hold my tongue, so my first question was, “if you live with your parents, where do you have sex??”

He said “well I date women who have their own.”

So I politely hopped in my own car, drove to my own job, and will continue to look for my own man….who has the keys to his own car.

On to Day 20….