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President elect Donald Trump is about to start off his presidency with probably the most controversy of all Presidents.  Trump is going into office with the lowest approval rate in decades, and added to that he is headed to the White House with a lawsuit on his back.

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Summer Zervos was one of a dozen women came out saying that Trump sexually assaulted her engaging in sexually inappropriate conduct.  But most of the women have disappeared claiming that couldn’t handle the pressures that came along with suing the president elect.  But Zervos isn’t backing down filling a lawsuit just days before he is sworn into office.

Of course Trump has stated that the allegations by all women were absurd and fabricated.  He even went on to say his accusers were doing this to for publicity and to damage his campaign at some of his election political rallies.

Zervos is seeking vindication for her reputation and the other women he called liars.  She stated that the case would be immediately dismissed if he would retract his statement and wants no money in exchange.  Her attorney also made it a point to say that Zervos has passed polygraph test many times.

No statement or Tweet from President elect Trump.



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