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lilD 12 Days of Christmas 2017

Source: vital plug media / Vital Plug Media

Each year lilD, through her website GrindingInRealLife.com, allows 12 girls to live their dreams for a day, by shadowing a woman in their desired career field. She calls it “12 Days of Christmas.” This is Lazhiyah’s journey of becoming the first black female president!

12 days of christmas lilD lazhiyah

Source: ohio house of representatives / 12 days of christmas lilD lazhiyah

Huge thank you to Sara Owens and Representative Sykes for all their help!!!

For more information on how your child can participate, click here.

lilD’s #12DaysOfChristmas Day 1: Makaela Becomes an Animator! [WATCH]

lilD’s #12DaysOfChristmas Day 2: Kylie Becomes an Actress! [WATCH]

lilD’s #12DaysOfChristmas Day 3: Valerie Becomes a Vet! [WATCH]

lilD’s #12DaysOfChristmas Day 4: Janiah Becomes a Singer! [WATCH]

lilD’s #12DaysOfChristmas Day 5: Evon Becomes a Dancer! [WATCH]

lilD’s #12DaysOfChristmas Day 6: Chloe Becomes an Engineer! [WATCH]

lilD’s #12DaysOfChristmas Day 7: Saige Becomes a Photographer! [WATCH]