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At 12:40pm today Deputies responded to an altercation in Franklin County court today that resulted in the shooting of 16-year old Columbus teenJoseph Haynes.

It is being reported that Haynes got into an altercation with his family in the courtroom where a deputy intervened.  The deputy was thrown to the grown and attacked.  The deputy responded by firing his gun and hit Haynes in the abdomen.  Court personnel responded with life saving tactics.

Haynes was transported to Grant Medical Center where he was pronounced dead at 1:14pm.  The deputy was treated for injuries sustained during the incident.

Haynes had a history of domestic violence and was appearing in court because he was on probation after being caught with a weapon that he threatened to kill two people with.  The gun belonged to his mother.  Haynes was charged in 2016 with domestic violence after choking his mother but she dropped the charges against him.

Investigation of this incident will continue

UPDATED 1/17/18 10:20PM: 

Grandmother of Haynes recounts what she saw to a representative from The Columbus Dispatch